Prices for drilling your water well or Deep Bore Soakaway.

It is impossible to give a blanket price for costs. We prefer to price each contract on its own merit. Certain ground conditions are much easier to drill than others, by quoting jobs individually we are sure we can offer you the most competitive price and we guarantee to beat any genuine drilling quote.

Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat.

One of the most important considerations when having a well or deep bore soakaway is to choose the right contractor. Have they got a track record of successful boreholes? Can they provide references of work carried out in the past? You should be aware that there are many reasons to drill a borehole other than for water wells and deep bore soakaways. If you don't use a contractor with experience in this field you may find that the installation will fail due to a number of factors such as: Incorrect screen size, unsatisfactory placement of the well screen, incorrect pump sizing for the application. Borehole-Driller prides itself on individually tailoring all aspects of water well and deep bore soakaway installation to suit the geology encountered.

Low lying areas of Kent that are situated on chalk can have a borehole drilled well in to the water table for as little as £2,000. It doesn't take long to recover the costs when you consider how much water rates are now.

You should bear in mind that deeper holes and difficult geology can put the price up considerably. There's only one way to find out, and that's to get a quote. 

If you ring around for quotes, most companies will require a water prognosis to enable them to give you an accurate quote.

A water prognosis from the British Geological Survey costs around £370.

Alternatively, we offer the following FREE SERVICE. We use Hydro and Geological maps to advise on the geology and depth to water. Please give us a call so that we can check and see if there are any water wells near to you.

Prices vary considerably for water wells so it pays to shop around, however we guarantee that we will beat any genuine drilling quote. We can do this because we are local and very experienced in drilling these ground conditions.

All installation materials are of the highest quality and installed using  environment agency guidelines to make sure that no surface contamination can penetrate the aquifer.

We want this to be an affordable solution to your water demands. Once the water well has been completed, a suitable pump and plumbing for the water well could be designed to suit your own specific requirements.

Please see our section on borehole pumps for more detail.