Borehole Pumps


These are the newest addition to our range and are our preferred choice. Imported direct from the manufacturer in Italy with a 2 year No Quibble Guarantee. The entire range is now fitted with a dry running protection microchip to protect the motor and impellers should the borehole run dry.

The DRP is ready for use, integrated into the connection cable and needs no further installation. In case of water shortage, the DRP stops the pump as soon as the water drops below the DRP and restarts the pump automatically a short time after the water rises above the DRP to allow water to flow into the borehole. In contrast to traditional solutions, no additional cables, sensors and control boxes are needed. The DRP device has been developed and tested to make the submerged pump function autonomously in conditions of water shortage.

In case of repeated starting and stopping of the pump, such as when the air in a pressure tank is low or the membrane is damaged, the DRP registers the frequent starts and stops and will automatically stop the motor from burning out. The DRP may be reset simply by disconnecting the power supply.

We can now also supply the latest pump on the market. It has built in dry running protection and a built in pressure control. This borehole pump is not only protected from dry running, it also has a built in pressure control which will automatically switch the pump on and off on demand, alleviating the need fora seperate pressure vessel and control system. At the moment this type of borehole pump is available with a head of up to 75 metres and flow rates of 1,000 to 5,000 litres per hour.

Call us for a quote for your borehole. Each borehole requires a specific pump to meet your specific requirements, we will make sure you have the right borehole pump for your water well.

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