Restricted Access


Minimum disruption is an important consideration for all of my clients. By taking precautions before we commence work we can minimise mess or damage to already established gardens. By laying 8'x4' sheets of plywood beneath the working area we can minimise damage to lawns or driveways, we will also dispose of the borehole arisings in a skip, we aim to leave your lawn looking as good when we leave as it was when we arrived.
Restricted access problems can usually be overcome by using our vast experience in this field. The image above shows the drilling rig situated at the top of this clients garden. There was no vehicle access to the proposed borehole position, so we winched the rig to position and then carried in the equipment by hand.


The image above shows the drilling rig being lifted by a Hi-ab lorry over an 8ft brick wall into a clients garden.
As the wall totally surrounded the garden, this was the only way of getting the rig and drilling equipment in.
The borehole water well was drilled and tested within 3 days and then the equipment was lifted out.


This image shows the drilling rig being lifted on to a position using an excavator. There was no vehicle access on the site,so use of a tracked vehicle was essential.The rig was lifted on to each position to drill deep bore soakaways.

We aim to provide our clients with the most cost effective way of obtaining their water supply. Certain areas in the South and East of England are ideally suited to water wells as they are above a vast natural aquifer contained within the Chalk. Very often the water is of a potable quality so may be connected to your home. This not only reduces your water bills but also reduces the sewerage bill as this is calculated on the amount of water supplied by the water company.


We believe that we can beat any genuine drilling quote for a water well, this means that our clients can often recoup the cost of the water well in as little as 1 year (Dependant upon usage and geological ground conditions).