There are many people who require their own water supply. There are also many people who have problems getting rid of water. Our services can provide a solution to both problems. So if you require water read our water well section, if you want to get rid of water then read our deep bore soakaway section.
If you need any advice on drilling a deep borehole soakaway, or water well, or if you have a problem with an existing water well borehole or soakaway please feel free to give us a call on 07841 151353. We will try to give you the most cost effective solution to your requirements.
Although we are based in Kent we do cover many areas further afield, so for free advice on any aspect of our service, please feel free to email: or simply give us a call on 07841 151353.

See what our customers think of our installed water wells and deep bore soakaways: Customer Testimonials
For a brief outline  of our services please read on.

Ever rising water rates are making people try to conserve water, but sometimes you still need the water whether you are a private homeowner or a business. If you do need water, a water well may be the low cost solution to your needs. Long periods of dry weather may have a very detrimental effect on your lawn or garden plants. Many homeowners in the South East of England have already experienced the effects of the long dry spells. The answer is your own water well.
All new homes are now metered. In the next few years up to 80% of all properties will find that they have to have meters installed. Not only do you have to pay for the water you use, your sewerage rates are also calculated on the amount of water you use. By having your own private water well supply the cost of the water well can soon be recovered particularly if you are a high user. 
Many rural properties may have a poor supply from their local water company, your own supply will give you the water pressure and amount that you require.
You may want to use the water well to fill or top up pond or lake that dries out in the summer.
You may require the water for irrigation purposes.
You may have a business or farm that requires a lot of water daily.
Whatever the reason, we can supply you with a borehole water well that can provide a free supply of up to 20,000 litres per day. If your requirement is above 20,000 litres of water per day you would have to apply for a licence from the Environment Agency.
In periods of drought, water wells are not subject to drought restrictions so you may carry on using the supply as you wish.
Businesses or private domestic users are eligible and no licences or permissions are required. You only need a water well abstraction licence from the Environment Agency if you require in excess of 20,000 litres per day. If you do need very large  amounts of water, your own water well will still provide massive cost savings against water supplied by water companies.
Many areas of Kent are situated above the chalk aquifer which is an ideal source of water. The pure water contained within is used by the water companies to provide drinking water to almost all of the homes and businesses in the South East of England.
The pictures below show a pond/lake before and after we installed a water well borehole. The client and his fish were delighted with their new surroundings. The lake is now a haven for wildlife in a rural part of South East Kent.

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We also provide a deepbore soakaway service in Kent.

Many people have problems with soakaways and drainage. Most problems occur when the soakaway has been working for many years but finally loses its permeability due to silting up. A deep bore soakaway is the perfect solution.
Please take a look at our Deep Bore Soakaway section for more details.

We aim to provide our clients with the most cost effective solution to their water needs.
Each water well and deep bore soakaway is custom designed to give optimum results at the lowest possible price. All of our deep bore soakaway and water well installations are custom designed, taking into consideration the geology encountered and the results of permeability tests performed whilst drilling the borehole. We use the best quality materials for our deep bore soakaway and water well installations.

There are many different borehole pumps at various prices according to their different specifications. We will advise you on the most cost effective pump for your particular requirements. Please read our borehole pumps section for more details.
We are a family business based in Kent and I have been drilling boreholes since 1973,  my son Gary is now the lead driller and he has been drilling since 2005. We don't use sub contractors, so you can always rely on getting personal service from a family business.
Our ultimate aim is to make sure you are entirely satisfied with our level service.
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