Borehole-Driller are pleased to announce that we can now offer a complete solution of water well and irrigation installation. Working in collaboration with Irricare, another local company based in Hythe Kent, we have now completed projects together, and look forward to working on future projects to provide our customers with a complete package.



Did Your Garden Suffer Throughout The Long Hot Summer of 2018? Don't Get Caught Out Again.

We are now taking bookings for installations throughout the year. To have a chat about your irrigation requirements please call Garry on 07825 569775 or email . 

If you would like to take a look at their website follow the link


“We were not sure at first whether we should install the system, However, in the end it was the best decision we have made. We spent a fortune on plants which are still alive even through the summer of 2018. This is mainly due to the system that Irricare installed. Good and quick service, definitely worth the investment”      


Mr Wagstaff Aldington Kent

"I would highly recommend Garry and his team, they turned up on time, carried out the work to a very high standard at the price agreed. Garry set the system up perfectly to my requirements"   


Mr Henderson Offham Kent.

A professionally installed automatic irrigation system will help you create the landscape you’ve always wanted by making sure your plants get the water they need, just when they need it How many times have you forgotten to water your lawn, or worse yet, over-watered it and ended up with unsightly brown spots and muddy puddles? You could be using up to 50% more water than your garden needs That isn’t good for your lawn or your pocket. The solution is precision watering using an automatic irrigation system which can be adjusted to the individual needs of different planting, resulting in thicker greener lawns and healthier plants.

During installation, we take great care to minimise the disruption to your garden. Where possible, we cut and roll the turf prior to trenching, after installing the pipes and backfilling, we then compact the soil before re-laying the turf. Lawn trenching is usually undetectable within a few weeks ENQUIRE NOW