Borehole Prognosis

What is a borehole prognosis?

A borehole water prognosis is an investigation into the geology and hydrology of a specific area to determine the various strata's beneath a property and to determine the likely depth to the water table and the quality of the water.

In relation to water wells, no borehole prognosis will ever guarantee either the yield or quality of water, but using a number of methods we can usually determine the viability of a water well. In the case of deep bore soakaways,  we use the information obtained to determine suitable free draining geology, but again we cannot guarantee the permeability rate of any strata. On site testing will determine flow rates of the borehole.
We use geological maps which in the United Kingdom are very extensive. This will enable us to determine the geology which will have a bearing on the cost of drilling the water well. There are basically two types of drilling rig, cable percussion and rotary. Once the geology has been determined the most suitable rig can be ascertained dependant on access to the proposed borehole position. 
We also use a database of borehole and water well records in the near vicinity of the proposed position to determine the probable depth to the water table. The data is analysed to give an as accurate as possible prediction on the final depth of the water well.
A quote will then be produced based on all of  the available data.
If you look on the Internet there are a number of companies who provide this service. Generally speaking most borehole prognosis for water wells contain a lot of generic material with only a couple of pages relevant to the specific borehole position. Cost of a borehole prognosis is usually between £250 to £800. The lower end is a basic prognosis and the higher end is very detailed and would include analysis of probable water quality.
We can provide the basic prognosis, we do not charge for this service and we will try to provide as much detail as possible. There are certain areas that have very little information on boreholes or water wells, this usually indicates that the area is not suitable but we will always check the geology to find out why.
We are based in Kent in the South East of England and welcome any prospective clients in this geographical area to use this service totally free of charge. You are not obligated to use our services when we provide this information. You are totally free to use which ever contractor you want.
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